Yes, in fact I am the jealous type!

So last Sunday my friend texts me to let me know that she is pregnant.  AGAIN.  She texted me before I was even up in the morning (which seeing as how I sleep until 11 am most mornings is not hard to do).  I know that a baby is a gift from God and wonderful.  Thats why I want one so bad!  But why do some people get more gifts than others?

My friend went of birth control at the same time I did, and although I will say that her husband was a much more willing participant then mine in the beginning, she is going to have two children before I can even pop out one. 

Plus getting this text at the beginning of my day made my husband’s life miserable as I was very, very, shall we say unpleasant, for the entire day.  Poor guy.

I did text her back telling her it was awesome and congratulations, because it is awesome, just not for me!


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