Explaining my lack of children…

I just realized that I began all of my posts with “So”.  Apparently creativity is not my strong point.  With that in mind I will attempt to start this post off in a different way.

Yesterday I realized that in a few years, EVERYONE will be asking me why I don’t have kids, or at least if I have kids.  That means that I will probably be explaining that God didn’t see fit to bless me with children to anyone that happens to speak to me, even if they don’t care. 

I don’t intend to be judgemental, but sometimes I am.  When people don’t have children, I figure they are either really lazy, really selfish, really materialistic or some combination of the three.  That is not a fair statement, because some people can’t have kids, but the only people who have ever talked about NOT wanting kids say that its too much work, or that they like to have nice things.  Or nuns/priests, but thats a different story altogether.  I do NOT want people to assume I am lazy and selfish, so I will instead have everyone assuming (knowing?) that I am mentally unstable, because I am telling them all about my infertility even though they didn’t ask…


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