The Hardest Advice to Follow is…

Just stop trying and you’ll get pregnant.

I don’t know HOW to stop trying!  Even when I try to ignore my cycle, I find myself examining my cervical mucus, counting cycle days to find out how many days until I will be late, and above all begging God for a baby. 

I am pathetic, I can’t even avoid the baby section at my local Wal-Mart.  I am registered at any place that allows registries, cause it’s the only baby “shopping” I can do.  My friend (who is also having trouble getting pregnant) and I made a day trip up to Babies R Us just to register and see all the wonderful baby stuff. 

I know that I should not be so obsessed, but I don’t know what will take the wish for a baby out of my soul.  Other than having one of course.  🙂


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  1. hobly Said:

    hi i saw your post on cafe mom.. and i am a wordpress bloger too.. i know how you feel.. <33 try to preoccupy your mind.. it wont help 100% but it will ease the pain.. i know..

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